Hi everyone!

CONTROLS : (A/D) to move sideways and mouse click to shoot!

I made this game as part of a unity course on udemy... I've changed somethings from the original project so i thought it would be fun to upload it. Mainly to test uploading to itch.io and sharing with my friends :)

All the assets i've used i downloaded freely here in itch.io :

Enemys : https://kronbits.itch.io/matriax-free-assets
Space Ship: https://jonathan-so.itch.io/creatorpack
Background: https://ansimuz.itch.io/space-background
Music and SFX : https://jdwasabi.itch.io/8-bit-16-bit-sound-effects-pack

Special thanks to every one of them who made the assets!

Feedback is welcome but remenber that i'm still learning to develop games and this one is really just a demo. I'll have great surprises to share with the world soon :3 

Made withUnity
Tagsdemo, free, Space